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Custombaba is an online clothing brand which offers in-house designing, printing, stitching and manufacturing of the best-in-class customized apparel.

Our aim is to deliver the best quality products to our customers that are not only durable but also optimally priced. We work round the clock to ensure that the highest quality of fabrics is being used, along with the chemicals and paints of requisite standards, leaving no room for error.

We plug gaps in the traditional supply chain to deliver, only the finest products to you. Custombaba is a young company run by a group of young professionals who dream of conquering the Indian garment industry, someday!

Started as an entrepreneurial venture, Custombaba is a registered MSME company in India. The team consists of 45 working professionals with varied educational backgrounds and is led by gold medalists from the Textile Institute of technology, one of the premier colleges of textile technology in Asia.

Till date, the company has been able to reach many corners of the country, having manufactured over 2 lakh garments. With revenue of INR 5.5 crore, Custombaba has the capacity to manufacture 1 lakh products per month.

What makes Custombaba apparel stand out in the industry is that we manufacture all products in-house using soft fabrics and premier threads.

All designs are printed with water-based printing, delivering the highest quality at the lowest prices.

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butter smooth fabric

Butter Smooth Fabric

Choose any colour for your custom shirts or hoodies. Your creations should not be dependent, on non availability of the fabric colour.


Detailed Stitching

We believe that “Our soul is fed with needle and thread.” Using the best German stitching machines, we deliver quality with no loose ends and stitch that stands the test of time.

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At CustomBaba, we believe to deliver the best quality to you. Clothing you order are not just objects of clothing, they make a group a team, they transform players to warriors and batchmates to friends.

When you use us, you not only choose the best price in the market, you also choose the best quality.

Our team is led by gold medalists from Textile institute of technology, one of the most premier colleges of textile technology in Asia. We constantly check the fabrics, the chemicals and the paints for standards, to assure our customers only the best. We plug gaps in the traditional supply chain to deliver, only the best to you.

Feel free to contact us in case of any queries you might have. We at CustomBaba strive to give high quality customer service to all our clients.

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